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Enhancing Communication and Use of Information in Engineering

General Program Scope – Educational and research programs that advance the more effective use of information in engineering and applied science, with special emphasis on learning communication skills. Grant range to a maximum of $25,000.

New ABET accreditation standards adopted beginning fall 2001 require that communication skills be included in engineering curricula; the standards are open on how to accomplish this. There are likely many different approaches possible to better include communication skills in engineering curriculum and to ensure that new engineering graduates are skilled at writing, speaking, information seeking, and evaluation.

Programs that:
  • Try innovative approaches for including communication skills in the engineering school curriculum in accordance with ABET accreditation standards, and that test and evaluate these approaches so benchmarks of success can be established.
  • Emphasize effective teamwork, not only through shared multi-disciplinary skill sets, but through clarity of communication across disciplines.
  • Provide a matrix of instructional programs and materials for training engineering students in the most effective use of engineering information systems, products, and finding tools.
  • Link the expertise of information science and technology with the engineering disciplines, and teach information-seeking as a life-long skill.
Special area of interest:
Information Access in Developing Countries

The need for access to engineering resources as well as the skills to use the information effectively is of increasing importance as countries move along in their technological development. Special consideration will be given to projects to improve access to engineering information for students and faculty of educational institutions in developing countries.

Our goal is to support and strengthen educational programs that help students and teachers find and use the engineering information resources they need. Your project should focus on instruction in engineering schools and libraries or support for improvement of information systems. Of interest are research programs that study and promote the widespread and efficient dissemination and use of engineering information across nations, regions, or on a global basis.

Note: Support for curriculum development is limited to this program area only.

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